Custody Granted: Five Children Traveling with Sara Sharif’s Father in Pakistan Detained

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In a recent development, a judge has ordered the custody of five children who traveled to Pakistan with the father and stepmother of 10-year-old Sara Sharif. This decision comes as part of an ongoing investigation into the tragic death of Sara Sharif, whose body was discovered at her home in Woking on August 10th. Her father, Urfan Sharif, had made a distressing call to emergency services from Pakistan, where he had flown to just a day before.

The five children, ranging in age from one to 13 years old, were found at the residence of Sara’s grandfather in the city of Jhelum, located in northeastern Pakistan. Mohammad, Sara’s grandfather, has been taking care of the children since their arrival in Pakistan more than a month ago. He expressed a strong sense of duty to protect them and had hoped they could return home following court proceedings in Jhelum.

However, Senior Judge Javed Iqbal Khokar has ruled that these children should be placed in the custody of the Child Protection and Welfare Bureau, pending further developments in the case. The decision to separate them from their grandfather reflects the gravity of the situation and the urgency of the investigation.

Meanwhile, authorities in Pakistan are actively searching for Sara’s father, Urfan Sharif, her stepmother, Beinash Batool, and his brother, Faisal Shahzad Malik. These individuals are wanted for questioning regarding Sara’s untimely demise. A post-mortem examination revealed that she had sustained “multiple and extensive” injuries, leading to a murder investigation launched by British authorities.

In a video statement shared with Sky News, Beinash Batool expressed the family’s willingness to cooperate with British authorities and stated their intention to “fight our case in court.” She also shed light on the dire situation faced by their family in Pakistan, mentioning that they have been forced into hiding, with dwindling supplies and a lack of food for the children due to safety concerns that prevent the adults from leaving their homes.

Furthermore, Batool refuted claims made in the Pakistani media that Urfan Sharif’s brother, Imran, had asserted that Sara’s fatal injuries resulted from a fall down the stairs. This conflicting information adds complexity to the ongoing investigation and highlights the need for a thorough and transparent inquiry into the circumstances surrounding Sara Sharif’s tragic death.

It is essential to note that Sara’s parents had separated in 2015, with Sara and her older brother initially living with her mother. However, a family court ruling in 2019 determined that they should reside with their father, Urfan Sharif. Although Sara’s mother retained equal visitation rights, she reported difficulties in exercising those rights over time, adding another layer of complexity to this heartbreaking case.

As investigations continue on both sides of the globe, the world watches closely, hoping for answers and justice for Sara Sharif. The fate of the children now in custody and the whereabouts of the wanted individuals remain central to unraveling the mysteries surrounding this tragic incident.