Enhancements Underway for Special Education Support in Shropshire


Health organizations and the local authority in Shropshire are making strides in enhancing support for children and youths with Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND), as stated in a recent report.

The Department for Education and NHS England conducted a six-month progress assessment of the Accelerated Progress Plan, acknowledging robust intentions from officer leadership and dedication from frontline staff, based on the evidence submitted by partners.

Acknowledging these efforts, the DfE and NHS England highlighted a series of initiatives that have been set in motion to foster improvement. They commended the contributions from the Parent Carer Forum (PACC) and representatives from various schools.

A key initiative includes the appointment of a ‘Head of Transformation and Commissioning Children and Young People and Learning Disabilities and Autism’ at NHS Shropshire, Telford, and Wrekin.

Efforts are underway to enhance communications, ensuring parent carers are informed about the spectrum of support available while their children await diagnostic pathways. Additionally, Quality Service Improvement measures are being implemented to enable clearer oversight of the local area and to review waiting times.

Various pivotal changes are in progress:

The creation of the Neurodevelopment Neurodiversity Practitioner role.
Introduction of new multi-agency Education Health Care Plan quality assurance procedures to assess the EHCP planning quality.
Investments in workforce development to ensure the delivery of quality EHC plans for Children and Young People.
Establishment of ongoing feedback mechanisms, facilitating structured conversations and support through a multi-agency Quality Assurance approach for EHC Plans.
Introduction of a New Appendix B – Education advice, developed in collaboration with education setting representatives.
Incorporation of a triaging process for children and young people, expediting referrals based on clinical needs.
Efforts to bolster the Speech and Language Therapy workforce.
Introduction of a coaching model and video sessions aimed at aiding professionals in supporting children and young people facing speech and language difficulties.